Wisdom From Luis’ Life

Luis has been living abroad and abroad traveling for several years (since 1997), author of THE CARD OF THE DAY, meditation and self-knowledge tasks, now he shares with us, by a V-Blog, wisdom quotes, stories, from his life.

Wisdom Stories from Luis’ Life
SUCCESS: https://vimeo.com/174524236

Luis has been living abroad and abroad traveling since 1997. Along his journeys he visited countries, landscapes, communities, projects, families, friends. He had encounters with cultures, spiritual traditions, secret self-knowledge circles, spiritual teachers, coaches, healers, business consultants, entrepreneurs and mentors, authors, artists, saints, clowns, beasts, UFOs, immigrants and travelers. He spent much time in nature, explored archeological sites and ancient cultures, as well as new modern technologies, modern science and future, visionary, projects. Those experiences enriched his life and gave him a broad perception on his own and in general on human kind registered history.
Luis’ Legacy project, the LDMF Foundation has the aim to share Luis knowledge, know how, and wisdom.
“The Card of the day”, meditation and self-knowledge practices and the Video Blog/audio stream “ Wisdom from Luis’Life” is a media and communication project dedicated to this aims.



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