Prime Meditation

Meditation is the practice of yoga dedicated to enter a precise state of consciousness, self-awareness, emotional self-awareness, energy flow, coordination of own body, mind, energy, heart, soul, and spirit; within daily life, family and business activities.

While meditation could be practiced every day 9 minutes, with wonderful benefits for daily life; there are also meditation practices that can be easily integrated into daily life activities. Those practices are very simple, and have the function to enhance our presence, ability of self-observation, self-knowing and  natural self development.

There are other practices of meditation one can use along the dream time, while eating, walking, talking, dancing, taking a bath or preparing a meal, drinking water or organizing own house.

The meditations associated to the Prime Cards have the function to support you into your daily home work, described by the card of the day.

Meditations may be presented through video, text, audio; and may be complementary information for study related to each.

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